What should we do as leaders and managers?

Come on, you didn’t think I was going to just wail on our local governments, did you?  No, we, as business leaders,  are often just as guilty as our governments are in the execution of our plans.

First of all- you all DO have a business plan?  And, a personal plan?  You don’t? Then, sit down and make one- now, not later.  You must have a vision- and a mission.  Then, you develop your goals to insure your mission and vision become reality.  If you don’t plan, and you don’t follow your plan-then how will you know you are going where you want to go?

Yes, we can change (and must) our plans to meet current reality.  But, having the plan lets us make rational, logical, and economic choices.  We can compare what we planned to what we are now getting ready to do- and evaluate what the costs and benefits are to any changes we contemplate.  If we don’t have a plan- then we have no clue what opportunities we are foregoing in our changes.

If we do change direction, we need to modify our plan(s).  And, we need to communicate that plan.  (OK, maybe not if we are talking about our personal mission and vision- unless we are married- and, then, our spouse deserves to be in on the changes- or we better be prepared for a divorce.)

I have made countless personal plans.  Things change.  Marriage.  Divorce.  Children.  More children :-). Business demands.  But, I plan.  And, at least once a month, I compare my plan to where I am- objectively.  I weigh the choices I make against what I have planned.

We (notice the change, here) have made business plans for every venture with which I have been involved.  The longest running company had twelve revisions (which is remarkable, in my estimation, since it survived some 30 years).  Our medical company had some eight revisions over its 12 year history.  My current affiliation is on revision three.

But, the issue is that any change in plan for the enterprise is done in a group.  Just like I criticized the community for changing the zoning without a public hearing or further discussion, I don’t change the plan for our company by myself.  It is a team (albeit a small one)- and we communicate the changes to our senior members.  That’s the way it’s done.

What you want from your local government is what your company members want from you (if you are the leader).  It does not have be totally transparent, but it has to be a clear enunciation of the mission, vision, and goals.

About RAAckerman@Cerebrations.biz

A polymath whose interests span chemical engineering, medicine, biotechnology, business, management, among other areas. Among my inventions/developments: dialyzer, dialysate, neurosurgical drill, respiratory inspirometer, colon electrolyte lavages, urinary catheters, cardiac catheters, water reuse systems, drinking water system, ammonia degrading microbes, toxic chemical reduction via microbes, onsite waste water treatment, electronic health care information systems, bookkeeping and accounting programs, among others.
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