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Find the RIGHT Technology to Grow Your Business

Leaders need to learn to choose the proper technology to grow their companies. Consumers (meaning end-users: in your company, in the marketplace, or other manufacturers) are motivated by innovation and changes that they perceive as benefits. Continue reading

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The Facts of Unintended Circumstances

We love to make fun of the US Postal Service- and it makes it so easy for us to do so. But, dig a little deeper, and you will find it deserves kudos- for its operations (compare on time performances to the airlines), its funding of retiree benefits (as opposed to our local and state governments or private industry), and the fact that its owner deliberately avoids using its services to “save” money. Continue reading

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Control your problems. Stay nimble with Paradoxes.

We want to be in control- and our problem solving methodology lets us do so. However, we cannot be in control of a paradox- we must balance the alternatives. We now have an opportunity to see how well two big giants have managed their paradox- and now control the new problem entrant in their $ 8 billion empire. Continue reading

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The Great Recession has eradicated middle class gains of the past 25 years- except for the top echelon.

The Great Recession has not hit everyone equally here in America. The upper middle class/upper class was affected, but nowhere near the level of the middle class. The discrepancy is now overwhelming large, with the median income (50% make more than this, 50% make less) is 1/5 that of the mean (or average) income. Continue reading

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Dopamine is indicted in our food cravings and our inability to move on after love is lost…

New research demonstrates that dopamine is instrumental in our getting the munchies. And, it makes it tough for us to move on after a relationship. More in a line of actions within the reward/addiction centers of our brains. Continue reading

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Unregulated foods, devices, and drugs – just the adjective should let you know there are problems!

Americans lament that our drug and devices are priced too high. The costs of regulation are part of the problem; and when regulation fails, we Americans get even angrier. But, why is it we buy drugs, devices, and foods we know have no benefit of regulation? And, why would we be surprised that there are health perils that come about by these choices? Continue reading

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Surrogate markers never provide the whole picture. What to do about cholesterol and statins…

Surrogate markers or analyses are used when we associate certain aspects or behaviors with attributes without fully understanding the relationships between the variables. We’ve been using the same surrogate marker for cholesterol for two decades. It’s time to augment our testing to derive more information and better health care control. Continue reading

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Time Management- and Vision, Mission, and Goals

There are 1440 minutes in a day, 168 hours in a week- yet we consider time both limitless and in short supply. Planning in concert with our vision, mission, and goals- and execution of same- helps us enjoy and maximize the use of time- for personal and professional needs. Continue reading

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As of today, 1 July 2010, citizens (and legal residents) from 21 states, who have been denied coverage and are without insurance for six (6) months or longer, can apply for high-risk pool insurance from the Federal government. Those with similar conditions from 29 states (and the District of Columbia) need to apply directly to their state pools. Salient information can be found on the following website: Continue reading

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