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Bicarbonate Dialysis is better (Dialysis, part 3)

Just because a product was good under one set of circumstances, does not mean it does not need improvement. When dialysis was inefficient, acetate-bufered dialysate afforded an easy means to provide dialysis therapy. As treatments got more efficient (shorter), the more physiologic bicarbonate dialysate was needed. Ascorbic acid was also used (on occasion) to preclude chlorine-based hemolysis. Continue reading

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Stem Cell Therapy for Myocardial Infarction Therapy

Stems cells from the patient’s own bone marrow were cultured into cardiomyocytes, which were then injected into their hearts (post MI). Results indicate lower mortality rates as well as increased heart functionality (as measured by ejection fraction). Continue reading

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Cannabis found to alleviate chronic pain- but may be dose dependent

A small study (23 subjects) found that cannabis may reduce pain for those whose neural systems have been damaged from traffic accidents or surgical problems. While there were more adverse reactions with increasing concentration, pain reduction was greater. This contrasts with a previous study that alluded to better results with moderate doses, with pain resurgent as the dose increased. Continue reading

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Dialysis glimpses, part 2

New technology improves dialysis results so that treatment can now occur in 6, rather than 12, hours. HR-1 of 1972 is passed, which provides for Medicare payments to all dialysis patients. The need for patient selection committees (now popularized as “death panels”) for dialysis is obviated. Continue reading

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Dialysis Glimpses from the 60’s and 70’s

Dialysis therapy in the 1960’s and 1970’s was a long process. Not every one could get treated. These are reminisces from those periods- when coil and flat plate units were used and each dialysis involved long preparation times, as well as long treatment times. Continue reading

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New Hope On the Horizon for Alzheimer’s Sufferers

While it was well known that most patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis did not develop Alzheimer’s, it was thought to be due to the NSAID doses they took. Now, it seems that GM-CSF that is produced by RA patients is the cause. Human trials may soon be on the horizon. Continue reading

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Le Plus Ca Change, Le Plus Ca Meme Chose….

I have been interested and involved in dialysis for 5 decades. There are more than 500,000 patients in the US (6% of the Medicare budget). There have been death panels and a switch from fee-based to evidence-based outcomes payments. We can, maybe, use this to learn what the new health care system for the US will become. Continue reading

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Virtual Reality Studies the Bystander Effect (and more???)

Virtual Reality has been talked about for some time. Most of the uses have been with gaming, some with training physicians. This research, which in my mind pushes the ethical limits, studies the bystander effect and recreates the Milgram Experiments (first reported in 1963). Continue reading

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Does Acupuncture Work? Does Our Brain Care?

This is the second study (of which I am aware) that has demonstrated that Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and a sham facsimile provided similar improvements in pain manifested by patients. It seems just the thought that we are being treated for pain helps. Continue reading

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No, Ms. R, Businesses MUST be creative in their approach

Creativity is borrowing techniques from other disciplines and applying them to our needs. The “location, location, location” of yore is now the internet and social networking. Creative approaches will capture the attention of your potential customer/client. Continue reading

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