A little lighter subject- one to enhance our experiences…

I think I’ve been a little too serious lately.  And, before I switch to a more business like topic, I thought I’d share some really useful research with you today…

It’s time to alter the way you pour my champagne, according to new research.  (This research was appropriately performed at the University of Reims in Champagne, France.  This kind of research would never happen here, because some politician would complain about the waste of taxpayer funds!).  You can read the rest of my blog- but in a nutshell- pour champagne like beer, angling the glass and pouring down the sides.  This preserves both taste and carbon dioxide (fizz to you non-techies 🙂 ).  You can find the research results published  in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

We know from older research that dissolved carbon dioxide enhances the flavor of champagne.  This newer study (Gerard Liger-Belair headed the research team- too bad we were not included to sample the wares…)  determined that chilling  champagne also enhances the flavor.

The baisc study examined the loss of carbon dioxide that occurs during pouring, as well as the effect of temperature (they studied the temperatures of  4, 12, and 18 C – temperatures that we don’t even consider here in the States [again, that’s 40, 54 and 65 for your non-metric Luddites]. Using the “beer-pour” technique and having the champagne flow along the fluted wall of the gas provided more laminar flow and released less gas (the opposite of laminar is turbulent- got it now????).  The colder temperatures were better, as well.  You can see graphical results for the “pour” process and the temperature effects here.

Guess what?   The next step is to construct a mathematical model to describe the de-carbonation process during pouring.  (Too bad, that does not seem to involve any tasting…)


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