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Profits Don’t Provide the Whole Picture

Just because a corporation is showing a profit does not mean it is doing well. You need to look deeper- especially if it’s yor own company. Continue reading

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Parkinson’s Disease and Cognitive Impairment

Many Parkinson’s disease patients also suffer from cognitive impairment. It is not clear if this is related to Lewy bodies (for which a test is sought); but the administration of L-dopa only improves the motor function impairment and not the cognitive deterioration. Continue reading

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Reading is Fundamental… and a relatively new skill

Reading seems to start in the “letterbox region” just beyond the left ear- and from there information is further process across both hemispheres. Our brain processes the data in chunks, and it requires the coordination of scanning, visual processing, and speech. Continue reading

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A possible (?) link between acetaminophen and asthma symptoms

Two studies seem to indicate that taking acetaminophen may cause asthma. However, the data provides no links between the drug and the cause; rather, the drug is used for those children who may develop asthma or allergies, the fact that they develop asthma may have nothing to do with the drug chosen. Continue reading

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A little lighter subject- one to enhance our experiences…

So, now we really know. Carbon dioxide bubbles enhance the flavor of champagne. It should be poured when the temperature is 4 C (40 F) and when we pour it- pour it like we do beer- with the fluted glass at an angle and let the fluid fall down the side of the glass. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Brain Scan detects Autism in Adults; Next step is to determine utility in children

A brain scan (MRI) has been developed that provides diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in adults. With its quick results (15 minute test) and low projected price ($150), it is hoped that therapies will be administered earlier to afford the ASD subject a more normal lifestyle. The next step is to determine utility in children (all testing was done with adults). Continue reading

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Not quite a treatment- but we can now tell IF Alzheimer’s will develop

Over the past years, we have begun to understand more about Alzheimer’s disease; it now seems that it takes about a decade for full-scale symptoms to appear- and once they have, it’s too late to save the brain from the disease. A new test seems to be able to predict who will detect the disease within five to ten years. Continue reading

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Kojo Nnamdi of WAMU/NPR hosted a discussion about the brain 9 August 2010 at 1PM

You can hear Colin DeYoung and Douglas Fields on 9 August 2010 (or archived later) on WAMU/NPR on grey matter in our brain. Continue reading

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Our Personalities Reflect Different Sizes of Brain Regions- Or Vice-Versa

We know that neurotransmitters and hormones affect our brain centers. We know that different areas of the brain are associated with different actions, thoughts, and processes. Now, we also know that our personality correlates with the relative sizes of regions of the brain. Continue reading

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Our Personalities Gel By The Time We Are In First Grade

Our personality traits seem to be set by the time we are in first grade. This does not mean that people can’t change; it’s a more difficult process, but it can occur. Continue reading

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