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A receivable is only a valuable asset if you collect upon it!

Receivables can be an indication of business performed- but only if you collect. As such, it is critical that receivables are RECEIVED. Here are some ideas to insure that this occurs. Continue reading

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Business Sales and Valuations (even if you don’t want to sell)

Even a business with a strong balance sheet, reasonable income, gross sales over $ 1 million does not command a $ 1 million valuation. Just like selling your house requires you to make sure everything is in order and presents well, so does your business. Even if you don’t plan to sell it- you need to think about these elements. Continue reading

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At least annually- but quarterly is better…

We want to succeed. That means, at least once a year, we need to insure that our staff all employs a common language and agrees upon the corporate goals. Quarterly, progress reports (and language “updates”) provide reinforcement. You can use this story to get the ball rolling. (Oh, I had to use that analogy….) Continue reading

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Another early detection test for Alzheimer’s and a potential treatment

In addition to a new spinal test analysis, there may be a blood test to detect Alzheimer’s before the plaques begin to decay brain function. And, a diabetes drug may preclude or delay the formation of these plaques. Both studies are found in the Archives of Neurology. Continue reading

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Home hemodialysis may resurge…

Before Medicare began underwriting dialysis care, home dialysis treatment was a significant modality. New criteria also arose that led to shortened (4 h) treatment that was considered superior. Current research indicates that noctural, more frequent dialysis (at home) is actually superior. Continue reading

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The Dialysis Bundle May Provide Clues for the Future Health Care Policy

For the first time in 40 years, dialysis will be reimbursed using a bundled approach. Moreover, quality measurements will be employed that must be met- or penalties (lower payments) will ensue. This may provide clues as to how HHS may regulate payments under the recently passed health care legislation. Continue reading

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Streptococci in the mouth cause tooth decay and heart disease

Streptococcus forms biofilms from sucrose and produces lactic acid from other sugars; this combination is a driving force for tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease (as well as tooth brushing) afford these microbes an opportunity to invade the blood stream, where they serve as “nucleation sites” for blood platelet agglomerations. These clumps cause heart attacks and circulatory diseases. Continue reading

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First steps to non-invasive blood glucose monitoring

One of the most important developments in disease monitoring and diagnosis has been the rapid and accurate assessment of clinical conditions. A new light device (near infra-red) is being developed to determine blood glucose levels non-invasively. The same concept could be used to monitor blood alcohol levels or cholesterol. Continue reading

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New avenues for MRSA treatment? Cockroaches and locusts lead the way?

Lysates from the nervous systems of cockroaches and locusts have been found fairly effective against MRSA- with no concomitant damage to human cells. The lysates had some nine active components; results presented 7 September at the Society for General Microbiology meeting. Continue reading

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Bioartificial Kidney Proof of Concept Completed

Dialysis has always been a stepping stone in the treatment of kidney failure. The goal is to provide a kidney transplant or a true “artificial” kidney (pun intended)- one that replaces virtually all the functionality of the real kidney. A step in that direction is described herein. Continue reading

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