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The new site is ready…

The blog on ( is active. There have already been a few new posts. You may wish to reset your RSS feeds to emanate from the new site. Continue reading

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Not a real post- but an announcement

No, I have not run out of things to say or discuss. I really have tons that I would like to post at once.  But, over the past few days, I have been working to move my site- to our … Continue reading

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ESRD Needs Different Blood Pressure Management (from normal patients)

It turns out that the relationship between blood pressure management and mortality is very different for ESRD patients than for the population as a whole. First, systolic blood pressure has a more significant correlation (than diastole) with mortality. And, the relationship is U-shaped (higher mortality at low systolic pressures for older patients and higher mortality for high systole for younger patients; 140/90 seems acceptable for all age cohorts). Continue reading

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Still not walking? Your brain wants you to cover 6 miles every week!

Not only does walking, as an exercise, provide resistance against Parkinson’s disease, autoimmune disorders, and cancers, this new study shows it can preclude the loss of gray matter- and, more importantly, the loss of cognitive impairment. Continue reading

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Hypobaric Treatments Proposed for Cardiac Patients (patent pending)

Dr. Simon Maybaum is leading a trial to determine if hypobaric conditions (simulated high altitude) can improve the lives of cardiac patients. It is hoped that this will mimic the same results obtained by athletes who train using these conditions- improved red cell mass, better oxygenation, and larger tidal volumes. Continue reading

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Augmented Peripheral Vision in the Deaf Uses the Auditory Complex

It has long been thought that the loss of one sense leads to augmentation by another. Using deaf cats, it was shown that the auditory complex is used to provide extended peripheral vision for the deaf. Continue reading

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Cash is King- Make sure you monitor it!

    Whether you run a  private company or an investor in the stock market- you should know that operating cash flow (OCF) is the lifeblood of the company.  While investors and business owners often consider net income as their … Continue reading

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