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Laser Probes Being Developed for Early Detection of Cancer, Osteoporosis, and Dental Caries

Raman spectroscopy is especially useful when monitoring composition of hydroxyapatite in certain tissues. Researchers presented results for osteoporosis monitoring and treatment; breast, stomach, and cervical cancer detection, and dental caries detection and treatment at the annual ICORS conference. Continue reading

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New Method to Produce Pluripotent Stem Cells- quicker and more efficiently.

Researchers from Children’s Hospital, Harvard, MIT, and Boston University have developed a new method to convert somatic cells (in this case, skin cells) into pluripotent stem cells. These cells seem to be identical in action and capabilities to embryonic stem cells. Continue reading

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We are not crazy- overheard cell phone conversations are VERY distracting

Whether in a shop, on the train (or subway), or on the street, overheard cell phone conversations seem to grate upon us. It turns out that these “halfalogues” are, indeed, much more distracting that overhearing the entire conversation. Continue reading

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame…

It’s October. Time for the Baseball Playoffs and World Series. Time for slight injuries that occurred over the season to be magnified into the disabling ofpitchers and batters. Enter a new system to accurately monitor and, thereby, preclude these problems. Continue reading

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