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Handwriting Counts- Our Brain Knows It!!!

I learned how to write from my Great-Grandfather (of blessed memory)- and have, on occasion, forgotten what that skill provides. New research demonstrates its ability to help us learn- and keep our brains fresh- at any age. Continue reading

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Aging and Depression

As we age, we tend to manifest depression differently. This becomes even more important, because if we were fun-loving and outgoing when younger, our families and friends tend to miss the onset of depression. Continue reading

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Let’s Get Moving- Exercise is critical for health AND disease therapy

We know that exercise provides both physical and emotional improvement. We can reduce our girth and aggression; but it can help treat and improve the lives of breast cancer survivors, Parkinson’s Disease sufferers, dialysis patients, and those with autoimmune diseases. Continue reading

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We are not crazy- overheard cell phone conversations are VERY distracting

Whether in a shop, on the train (or subway), or on the street, overheard cell phone conversations seem to grate upon us. It turns out that these “halfalogues” are, indeed, much more distracting that overhearing the entire conversation. Continue reading

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Bone metabolism and Energy metabolism- linked? Data says yes, but how tightly?

Over the past 15 years of so, Gerard Karsenty has been investigating the interactions between osteocalcin (bone metabolism regulator) and energy metabolism (specifically related to diabetes-affected mice). The mechanism is clear (for mice), but operates on a longer-time basis than the normal insulin-glucose-energy metabolism cycles. Continue reading

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Alternative Medicine Demonstrates Physiological Changes

A truly scientific study was performed to determine if there are physiological effects from undergoing a massage. The results indicated that hormonal levels were changed, as well as immune responses. Continue reading

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We are social animals- at home, at play, and at work

We are social- and it is our brain that insures that we remain social animals. From perceived pain when we are excluded from groups and the need to surround ourselves with friends, our brain sets the tone. We need to keep this in mind when we manage and lead others, as well. Continue reading

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