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Le Plus Ca Change, Le Plus Ca Meme Chose….

I have been interested and involved in dialysis for 5 decades. There are more than 500,000 patients in the US (6% of the Medicare budget). There have been death panels and a switch from fee-based to evidence-based outcomes payments. We can, maybe, use this to learn what the new health care system for the US will become. Continue reading

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Profits Don’t Provide the Whole Picture

Just because a corporation is showing a profit does not mean it is doing well. You need to look deeper- especially if it’s yor own company. Continue reading

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Health care reform? We need to change our thinking, too…

The health care reform (ok, insurance reform) we enacted this year will make it easier for us to get and keep insurance. But, without major changes to our medical-industrial complex (doctors, manufacturers, hospitals, clinics, and insurers),our expenditures will not drop from the 17+% of GDP anytime soon. Continue reading

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Congress (and the IRS) is going after S Corporations and their owners

Today, I am going to talk about taxes- but for the small business owner. Like it or not, taxes are going to go up- not for everyone, but small business is a ripe target. Part of the reason is that … Continue reading

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