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Hypobaric Treatments Proposed for Cardiac Patients (patent pending)

Dr. Simon Maybaum is leading a trial to determine if hypobaric conditions (simulated high altitude) can improve the lives of cardiac patients. It is hoped that this will mimic the same results obtained by athletes who train using these conditions- improved red cell mass, better oxygenation, and larger tidal volumes. Continue reading

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Laser Probes Being Developed for Early Detection of Cancer, Osteoporosis, and Dental Caries

Raman spectroscopy is especially useful when monitoring composition of hydroxyapatite in certain tissues. Researchers presented results for osteoporosis monitoring and treatment; breast, stomach, and cervical cancer detection, and dental caries detection and treatment at the annual ICORS conference. Continue reading

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the economy and our country Need Rethinking (the lower case was chosen on purpose)

This blog is different from my other blogs. Micheal Bloomberg earlier this week said that 10% of all the new private employment this year arose within New York City. While that may be wonderful (and it is) for New York- it is abysmal for the rest of America. We need to take action. Continue reading

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Our choice of branded objects provides self-affirmation

New research indicates that the more religious we are, the less drawn we are to branded products. Continue reading

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New Applications for Pluripotent Stem Cells

Pharmaceutical development is beginning to employ tissues derived from pluripotent stem cells. This affords a more rapid and safer approach to determining potential deleterious effects resulting form the administration of the new therapies. Continue reading

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Creative Enterprises Are The Province of Everyone- Age is NOT a barrier!

When I was organizing (ok, dreaming up) my professional career, I made a decision that I needed to develop two new products or processes every single year.  Not a running average- a minimum.  If I failed to do so, it … Continue reading

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Mobile, Simple, FAST eye test developed (no training needed, either)

Very creative adaptation from the MIT Media Lab group lets one adapt a smartphone for eye tests. This affords a fully mobile, rapid test- perfect for developing countries. The add-on device costs about $ 2.One looks through the eye piece and arranges red and green circles together. Continue reading

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