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Dialysis glimpses, part 2

New technology improves dialysis results so that treatment can now occur in 6, rather than 12, hours. HR-1 of 1972 is passed, which provides for Medicare payments to all dialysis patients. The need for patient selection committees (now popularized as “death panels”) for dialysis is obviated. Continue reading

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Dialysis Glimpses from the 60’s and 70’s

Dialysis therapy in the 1960’s and 1970’s was a long process. Not every one could get treated. These are reminisces from those periods- when coil and flat plate units were used and each dialysis involved long preparation times, as well as long treatment times. Continue reading

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A possible (?) link between acetaminophen and asthma symptoms

Two studies seem to indicate that taking acetaminophen may cause asthma. However, the data provides no links between the drug and the cause; rather, the drug is used for those children who may develop asthma or allergies, the fact that they develop asthma may have nothing to do with the drug chosen. Continue reading

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A little lighter subject- one to enhance our experiences…

So, now we really know. Carbon dioxide bubbles enhance the flavor of champagne. It should be poured when the temperature is 4 C (40 F) and when we pour it- pour it like we do beer- with the fluted glass at an angle and let the fluid fall down the side of the glass. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Can your read my mind? Can you see my dreams?

Do we have to worry that someone like Cobb can come around and steal our dreams? Or, worse yet, can someone instill us to do something by fomenting a specific dream upon which we will act? The former- not yet. The latter- not unless we are so inclined….as of now. Continue reading

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Happy trails to you…

Daydreaming is critical to our creativity. New research shows the process is disrupted for autistic and schizophrenic patients, as well as Alzheimer’s subjects. What we daydream affects our ability to retain new facts, too. Continue reading

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Stem cells still promise more than they deliver

The problem- stem cell therapy works- we think. The problem- we still can’t do the proper research. The problem- physicians are using it on patients anyway. Continue reading

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TBI- traumatic brain injury- NFL, US Armed Forces, Vehicular Accidents…

Diffuse Axonal Injury is among the most common types of brain injury. The axon (part of the neuron or nerve cell) , which expands during rapid acceleration/deceleration, develops kinks. The neuron may undergo repair- or totally disappear – at the location of the kink. Continue reading

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Telemedicine is no longer the future for CHF patients

Telemedicine is no longer something for the future. For CHF (congestive heart failure), it seems we can reduce some 40% of hospital readmissions by incorporating this into our protocol. We can look for similar results with other maladies. Continue reading

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New tests to discern Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain Injury affects 1.7 million people a year- mostly kids and troops. There is hope that a new test can diagnose these quickly- and accurately- to preclude tremendous damage. Continue reading

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