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Does Acupuncture Work? Does Our Brain Care?

This is the second study (of which I am aware) that has demonstrated that Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and a sham facsimile provided similar improvements in pain manifested by patients. It seems just the thought that we are being treated for pain helps. Continue reading

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Reading is Fundamental… and a relatively new skill

Reading seems to start in the “letterbox region” just beyond the left ear- and from there information is further process across both hemispheres. Our brain processes the data in chunks, and it requires the coordination of scanning, visual processing, and speech. Continue reading

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Our Personalities Reflect Different Sizes of Brain Regions- Or Vice-Versa

We know that neurotransmitters and hormones affect our brain centers. We know that different areas of the brain are associated with different actions, thoughts, and processes. Now, we also know that our personality correlates with the relative sizes of regions of the brain. Continue reading

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Spinal Cord Regrowth May Be Possible- but not tomorrow.

The ability to grow brain and spinal cord nerve cells is present at birth- and starts to disappear just like that as we age. So, when we incur an injury to the spine or the brain- the axons can’t regenerate. It is thought that since these areas are replete with nerves and nerve fibers, they send signals to stop new connections from forming. By stopping new pathways from forming, our brain can’t be confused with by incorrect signals that could result from the new pathways. Continue reading

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Can your read my mind? Can you see my dreams?

Do we have to worry that someone like Cobb can come around and steal our dreams? Or, worse yet, can someone instill us to do something by fomenting a specific dream upon which we will act? The former- not yet. The latter- not unless we are so inclined….as of now. Continue reading

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Happy trails to you…

Daydreaming is critical to our creativity. New research shows the process is disrupted for autistic and schizophrenic patients, as well as Alzheimer’s subjects. What we daydream affects our ability to retain new facts, too. Continue reading

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New tests to discern Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain Injury affects 1.7 million people a year- mostly kids and troops. There is hope that a new test can diagnose these quickly- and accurately- to preclude tremendous damage. Continue reading

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