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Stem Cell Research to Treat Parkinson’s Disease

Stem cell research is addressing the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. The new research is not using fetal cells; rather, it is manipulating the most common stem cells in our body to replace those cells in the putamen area of the brain due to the disease. Continue reading

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Dopamine is indicted in our food cravings and our inability to move on after love is lost…

New research demonstrates that dopamine is instrumental in our getting the munchies. And, it makes it tough for us to move on after a relationship. More in a line of actions within the reward/addiction centers of our brains. Continue reading

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Brain chemistry

We have known for a long time that dopamine is vital to the “reward” function in our brains. But, dopamine seems to have a much wider-ranging impact, than just this. After all, my grandfather, Sol Kuchlik, of blessed memory, was … Continue reading

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