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Cash is King- Make sure you monitor it!

    Whether you run a  private company or an investor in the stock market- you should know that operating cash flow (OCF) is the lifeblood of the company.  While investors and business owners often consider net income as their … Continue reading

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the economy and our country Need Rethinking (the lower case was chosen on purpose)

This blog is different from my other blogs. Micheal Bloomberg earlier this week said that 10% of all the new private employment this year arose within New York City. While that may be wonderful (and it is) for New York- it is abysmal for the rest of America. We need to take action. Continue reading

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Mobile, Simple, FAST eye test developed (no training needed, either)

Very creative adaptation from the MIT Media Lab group lets one adapt a smartphone for eye tests. This affords a fully mobile, rapid test- perfect for developing countries. The add-on device costs about $ 2.One looks through the eye piece and arranges red and green circles together. Continue reading

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A receivable is only a valuable asset if you collect upon it!

Receivables can be an indication of business performed- but only if you collect. As such, it is critical that receivables are RECEIVED. Here are some ideas to insure that this occurs. Continue reading

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Business Sales and Valuations (even if you don’t want to sell)

Even a business with a strong balance sheet, reasonable income, gross sales over $ 1 million does not command a $ 1 million valuation. Just like selling your house requires you to make sure everything is in order and presents well, so does your business. Even if you don’t plan to sell it- you need to think about these elements. Continue reading

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The Dialysis Bundle May Provide Clues for the Future Health Care Policy

For the first time in 40 years, dialysis will be reimbursed using a bundled approach. Moreover, quality measurements will be employed that must be met- or penalties (lower payments) will ensue. This may provide clues as to how HHS may regulate payments under the recently passed health care legislation. Continue reading

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Le Plus Ca Change, Le Plus Ca Meme Chose….

I have been interested and involved in dialysis for 5 decades. There are more than 500,000 patients in the US (6% of the Medicare budget). There have been death panels and a switch from fee-based to evidence-based outcomes payments. We can, maybe, use this to learn what the new health care system for the US will become. Continue reading

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